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"Taught Me To Listen To My Body"

Ruth helped me understand that my body has been trying to communicate with me about needed changes in my life, but I had not been  listening and had been focused only on relieving symptoms.  Once I chose to start listening to my body, I understood that I needed to make some major changes in my life. As I made the changes, my symptoms quickly decreased and then disappeared!  Ruth knows that the body doesn't lie and I am grateful she helped me understand and take action

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Yuan Chen

"Great Listener"

(available in Mandarin)

Ruth helped me to clarify what I want to create with my life, letting me develop the courage to speak it out and to make a stand for it. I think the most important take away is that it’s me who will take the lead in my life and I have to decide what’s important for me.

We covered many different topics that are important to me during this transitioning stage of my life… organizing many aspects of life into a tangible structure and accessible goals that we can work on every week….her patience, advice & being a great listener to my vision as well as all my big and small questions.  Thank you Ruth.

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Courtney A.

"A Listener & Healer of The Mind"

Ruth’s healing touch & massage work is unsurpassed.  In fact, Ruth understands the body better than any massage therapist I have ever worked with.  As a former collegiate runner who still competes on the side, I face aches and pains on a weekly basis, yet Ruth was always able to work out the aches, heal pre-existing injuries from my college running days. Ruth is a listener and healer of the mind.  Her patience, wisdom, & advice always prove incredibly inspirational, causing me to leave each session with joy and excitement for the week ahead.

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Arianna L. 

"I Can Play Tennis Again!"

The first year I was away at college playing tennis (NJCAA) when I was injured on court… no one seemed to help… I was missing games week after week.  Ruth offered me many different stretches & other solutions and emotional support. I She was the only one who truly cared about my injury & after following her advice I was finally able to play again. I continue to work with Ruth whenever I have an injury or need emotional support because she is so caring, encouraging & knows how to help physically & emotionally.  I highly recommend hiring Ruth because she will do the same for you. 

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Lissa K.

"I Have Focus & Hope"

After a devastating year with the Pandemic, I felt I needed to refocus on my life. I considered a Life Coach & found Ruth C.  She has been wonderful coach and friend. Each session was packed with guidance, a new perspective looking at me at this time in my life, 60's. I have been able to  form better habits in my health, social life, career and retirement. I felt supported and challenged. Ruth helped me to find the courage, to embrace change and move forward making choices that benefit me. I have a new outlook on life and it looks exciting and fun!! I still have much work to do, I am a work in progress!!  Thank you Ruth!!

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Courtenay L. 

"Showed Me Positive Thinking"

During a semi-final doubles match, my tennis doubles partner & I were losing to a team that we were ranked higher than, and we were getting very upset and frustrated. Over the changeover, Ruth talked us into a completely different headspace. She reminds us to be present, look at the sky, breathe, which gave us the confidence to win that match! Ruth is so motivating, keeps a very positive mind, has new perspectives & is nonjudgemental. Her knowledge about fitness & health is great…she has taught me correct form for exercises, how to eat right, & how to properly roll out & stretch.  I have feel very comfortable around her… she would be one of the first people I would call if I were in trouble or needed help. 

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"I Understand My Knee"

I came to Ruth after my knee replacement surgery, and I was a hot mess not just physically but also mentally. I was in so much pain!

I had completely lost all mental connection with my body which was hindering my healing process. Ruth taught me how and why my body wasn't healing.  It made all the difference in the world. My knee and my spirit have healed tremendously. I am so thankful to Ruth for her amazing healing touch and I recommend her to anyone needing to reconnect the mind with the body.

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