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Finally, the support you

need to understand your

body-mind "conversation"

& why it's stopping your



It's challenging to find support when you have "tried everything" to help with anxiety, lack of sleep, focus or motivation, having headaches, a general lack of peace.


My thousands of clinical hours with suffering clients who find relief from our work together have shown me "miracles" of healing which I've used again and again and which I want to pass on to you.


The questions I ask you will seem strange and out of place, but the right questions can unlock your healing path.  We just need to explore which questions touch your inner struggle.


If you can be brutally honest with yourself and not run away from the fear of looking directly at the worst part of you... and notice how your body clamps down, stops breathing, closes your throat, chest & digestion... you can come out on the other side with a fresh confidence & respect for "your worst".


My main question to you:  are you frustrated enough with your current life path to go out of your comfort zone & make a change?


A combination of honest self-awareness, the willingness to try new ideas, and courage to face what your body is hiding, can open powerful possibilities for you.

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What is Body-Mind Life Coaching?

  • What Is Your Body Story?

    How you describe your history of injuries, weight gain, surgeries, scars, aches and pains, this is your "Body Story".  Let's start here, then take an inventory & make a list.  Do you feel overwhelmed or nauseous when you make this list?  Or angry at me for suggesting it?  Is it funny at first, how long the list is, then very daunting?  I can help you untangle that knot in your gut about this list & process of untangling it.  I know this can be scary, and you might want to run away from me & this page. Call me instead.

  • How Long Have You Been Ignoring Pain?
    I'm not just talking about physical pain. When you come to me, somewhere in your beautiful temple of body-mind-spirit, your ignored pain might recognize that I can help. People have started crying as they walk in or begin to talk on Zoom about their issues, no joke. I'm talking professional athletes, tough moms, & soldiers.  If, while reading this, you are fighting back tears, you are not alone.  I can help.
  • Or Are You in The Stoic Camp of "Beat The Pain Away
    Is your response to a tight IT band to roll it TOO MUCH?  Do you "run through the pain", ignore your tense neck muscles and "get the project done" despite your discomfort?  Can you count the number of times you have cried on one hand?  Is the only reason you are reading this because your body just stopped?  You can't run anymore?  And the tension from your stress is starting to overtake your body?  I can help.
  • Above Are Just 3 Examples of Body-Mind Type Questions 
    There are many more examples of questions about your body-mind "conversation".  Together we can explore your forgotten or ignored body hints, your inner spirit, your ignored intuition and more.
  • But I Know My Body Really Well 
    Everyone can use a tune-up now and then.  Our mind has a sneaky way of convincing us that our body is fine.  And we don't even realize that we don't even realize that our body is suffering and asking for our help.  Tune-ups are a good thing.

How Do I Know If Body-Mind Coaching is Right For Me?

Life coaching comes in many forms and Body Mind Life Coaching isn't for everyone.  For example, if you are looking to find the best career for you it's better if you call the excellent Career Architect, Vik Mittal.

When looking for the best coach for you, think about your goals and also the personality of the coach.  Search for a Life Coach whose focus aligns with your goals. 

Here are a few questions and answers that might help you decide if hiring a Body-Mind Life Coach is right for you.  

My Approach


Coaching is a partnership between us, and we need to be able to work together, so a call & interview is our first step.  

I am an action focused coach with your end goal in mind.  When your results come and then stop, we take a look at what happened to detour your forward progress.  

My approach is fun yet honest & direct.

The body-mind “conversation” and denial is an area I understand very well.  Sometimes your body is acting in a way that hinders progress or reminds you of pain, failure or disappointment.  We can explore this together.


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The Best Part of Body Mind Life Coaching With Me Is How Much Fun It Is!

As your Body Mind Life Coach, I can be silly & playful and I can be focused & direct.  Smiling is my favorite!

All of us have the “weight of our world on our shoulders”, which is serious & heavy enough.

Through the years, I have noticed that humor brings more laughter & letting go for me & other people than does sternness & inflexibility.

So, I like to have fun.  I’m so blessed & honored to work with the most wonderful people on earth.  Not only do I get to encourage you and cheer you on, but I get to witness the changes that come with coaching, which are inspiring.  If you live in Albuquerque, New Mexico, even better.  We get to have one on one time in person!


I love being a life coach because I get to:

  • Facilitate your healing at a deep level
  • Help you reach goals that can seem impossible
  • Watch you realize your own awesomeness
  • Spread love & kindness
  • Feel good about helping you feel great!
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