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About Ruth

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Our body can teach us healing techniques when we learn to listen, and when we listen, miracles can happen.

I didn’t always believe this, & I would mock those who talked about “energy” or “understanding one's body”.  
"How can my pain be separate from my thoughts", I would ask.  I didn't understand even the concept of "listening" to my body.
"What do you MEAN, I'm not listening to my body?!"
For a long time I placed zero boundaries around my time, money & health, to pursue a packed schedule of success.

Maybe you can relate when I say I felt like I was trying to win an award for being the busiest person of all time.


I thought that "success" was determined by always "feeling" busy.

For years, I worked many hours (sometimes 60 hours of massage per week!), stayed in unhealthy relationships, played hard in hobbies like soccer, drumming, dancing, horseback riding, rock climbing, all while consuming lots of caffeine & sugar, not much actual water or real food, on hardly any sleep.

I avoided sitting with myself

I avoided gentleness

I avoided quiet.

My body was utterly exhausted. 
Eventually, one day I suffered a soccer-ending knee injury during a game in Las Vegas which confined me to bed for weeks! What I THOUGHT was my life's "purpose" had changed forever. 
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My body said, “Hey mind!  We—your body—have been trying for years to get your attention. We don’t like this path you force us to be on.  We’ve tried to communicate with you, first with headaches, gut pain, neck and shoulder pain, painful periods, lack of sleep, no concentration or focus, but you STILL didn’t listen.  So, we did what we had to do… took physical movement away from you.  Please slow down, notice us or your life will be one stressful, painful mess after another.

Love & Kisses, your body.”

This was my wake-up call!

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I realized that I had to take control of my life, my future, my happiness.  My body had been requesting my attention for a long time, in an effort to get me to sleep more, eat better & slow down. 


It was time to get rid of the toxic relationships, to take my health seriously, and to take responsibility for my habits, activities and actions.  

It was time to look within myself for my happiness instead of looking to others for approval or acceptance. 

It was time to strengthen my faith and to take a good look at the gifts I was given.  


Also, I realized that I was the only one who could take action to better my circumstances and listen to my body.  

My body-mind connection was broken and I was eager to mend it.

I Was Determined To Find My Path


This sparked a burning curiosity in me about the human body-mind-spirit connection, not just within myself but also within all of my lovely clients.   This has lead me to many incredible teachers, healers & religious leaders.

In my massage sessions, I started seeing AND FEELING the same struggle in most of my clients;  my hands could find tension that my logical mind was not able to uncover before. 

Over and over, clients were waking up to their broken body-mind-spirit communication, and learning how to heal those old “arguments” in their temple.  Soon, I integrated Life Coaching into my sessions helping clients facilitate life-changing breakthroughs, not only in a physical sense but also mentally & spiritually.    

I utilize my unique hands-on Body-Mind insights to help clients reproduce a powerful, pain-free, passion filled life.


I can do the same for you.

My “Gentle-To-Myself” Habits

  • Stretching my neck side to side
  • 16 oz of warm water first thing in the morning
  • Deep breathing when I feel anxious or angry
  • Saying no without guilt
  • Seeking out hugs


Favorite Movies To Cry To:

  • My Octopus Teacher
  • Fried Green Tomatoes
  • Ledgends of the Fall
  • Meet Joe Black
  • Straight Story

I will empower you to choose positivity in your life even at those times when your body hurts, or it won’t cooperate, or is not in alignment with your thoughts.   I want you to be able to look at yourself in the mirror so you can examine the amazing person I see in you, so that you can fall back in love with all parts of yourself-body, mind & spirit.

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