Episode 39: Setting Your Body Up For Success - The Knees


The knees are very important in all mobility but also in correlation with our gut/low back and our neck.  

These three areas work together, and if one is injured or struggling in some manner, one of the other 2 can also show signs of stress.

These three areas are called "the Earth triad" and hold grounding in the body.

Here are 3 ways to Setting Up Your Knees For Success:

1.  Touch:  Rub your knees, one at a time, to get and keep them warm.  Also, envelop them and hold nice, warm pressure on your knee.  Try to feel your pulse from the knee--this takes practice.  Send them healing energy and love from your hands, then repeat the process on the other knee.  

2.  Foam "stick" rolling:  This is a hand-held roller that is just like a rolling pin, but a bit skinnier and has a softer coating on the roller.  Use this gently on all sides of the muscles around your knees to create relief and comfort.

3.  Movement & stretching:  move your knees to your chest in the morning before you get out of bed, then pull your toes to your nose to stretch those lower leg muscles and to create some blood flow and stretching before you put any weight on your ankles or knees in the morning. Also stretch all the muscles leading into your knees to support their continued health.


Problem solving for your knees:

The knees have to do with grounding in the body and work well with the gut/low back and neck.  You might also find hints to help your knees in the opposite elbow or shoulder.  Right shoulder for the left knee.  Left shoulder and elbow for the right hip, knee and ankle.  

Become a master of body awareness to really set your body up for success.