Episode 38: How to Set our Body up for Success - The Neck

I'm starting a series on "How to Set our Body up for Success", and the first of this series is about our Neck.  If our neck is healthy physically, emotionally & spiritually, it's much easier for the entire body to heal.  

How do we create issues in and around our neck?



-Bad Posture

-Sleep positions


-Not saying what we need to say

-Not hearing what we need to hear or "digest" or "assimilate"


-Not receiving gifts or compliments

-Not accepting help

-Not accepting positive vibes towards us, instead deflecting them

  3 Ways To Set Our Neck Up For Success:  


-Strengthen upper back

-Practice good posture

-Deep breathing to open the throat

(get emotional pain out by:)

-Singing (or humming)

-Massage on neck

-Hot tea



-Pray & talk to God

-Talk out loud to yourself, friends, pets, the wall... just get the words out.