Episode 33: Helping People Get Out of Their Own Way

Sherry Lukey

Join me for my second conversation with Sherry Lukey as we explore the obstacles people often put in their own way.

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Sherry Lukey creates a fast track to releasing psychological blocks for heart-centered entrepreneurs and leaders so that they can live a life they love. She believes everyone can be a powerful leader in their own life. Sherry is an internationally accredited, certified advanced EFT tapping practitioner and certified matrix re-imprinting practitioner who works with clients all over the world. Her expertise has been featured in media outlets, including Forbes, Beyond the Couch, The Fearless and Successful podcast and more. When Sherry isn’t working with clients or teaching about the miracles of tapping, you’ll find her getting muddy in her pottery studio. She lives in beautiful British Columbia, Canada, with her husband and is the proud mother to her adult twin daughters.

THREE TAKEAWAYS (My R3 Formula plus links to help them implement): 

Sherry Lukey's R3 Formula™