Episode 32: Christopher Henningsen

Christopher Henningsen 

Alternative Health Practitioner, Author

Christopher Henningsen very nearly became an alternative health practitioner, but a number of factors led him into the hard sciences instead, where he tries to reconcile the modern material worldview with the more enchanted view of reality most people actually hold. His new book, Health Advice for Young Dragons, brings together two of the interests he might have pursued full-time in another society, holistic health and poetry.

"As my own instinct for rightness dictates."

"Health Advice for Young Dragons" -  https://www.amazon.com/Health-Advice-Dragons-Christopher-Henningsen-ebook/dp/B0B4YNBDBL/ref=sr_1_1?crid=WVPV6ARF9WW 

Christopher's linktree is https://linktr.ee/eucyclos