Episode 26: Joshua Rodriguez - Healing Through Domination

Master Joshua - NTSB Counselor 

"Be the Person You Need"

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*Warning this interview has explicit language, which has been removed, however we apologize if we missed any and will edit any we identify. However, the topics discussed may too be seen as explicit by some of our listeners. Please be advised.

Joshua, known as Master Joshua in the BDSM/Leather community, is a counselor, educator, event promoter and host, and Professional Dominant. In one-on-one sessions, Joshua guides his clients towards self-acceptance, empowering them to gain control of and become active participants in their own lives. Drawing upon personal, unique, and hard-earned transformative experiences, he has developed a personalized method of NTSB (Non Traditional Sexual Behavior) counseling, which is specifically geared onwards catalyzing self-actualization. Over the past 12+ years, this system has helped hundreds rid themselves of shame, see and embrace their sexual identity, and live richer, better more materialized lives.