Episode 25: Deatra "Dee" Davis - Healthy Body Coach

Deatra (Dee) Davis - Healthy Body Coach

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Deatra (Dee) Davis is a healthy body coach for Black Women over 50. She helps women lose weight and transform their bodies through evidence-based habit development and behavior change that emphasizes balanced nutrition, movement, sleep, stress, and mindset change.

For 23 years, she was a research manager and VP at Swiss Re America Holding Corporation, creating systems and programs to help Insurance Companies identify the healthiest people to insure. She took early retirement in 2018. 

Now, instead of helping companies identify healthy people, she helps people get healthier and live longer. Dee's passion comes from her studies on lifestyle behaviors that lead to better health outcomes. Her recovery from Sarcoidosis and from losing more than 20 pounds of menopausal weight.

She graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University with a management degree and is certified as a fitness nutrition coach, online personal trainer, and functional hormone educator. Thousands of health advocates, men, and women, have benefited from her offers and wellness programs.

Media appearances include her work on insurance trends published in the Journal "On the Risk." She has been a guest speaker on the Teresa Hannah radio talk show and The Wordy Professor “40 Plus Files” podcast to discuss how good nutrition and healthier habits can lead to living longer. She regularly publishes educational content on Facebook and inside her growing community, "Fit & Vibrant Black Women Over 50."

Dee is a Midwesterner from Iowa and currently resides with her husband and family in Fort Wayne, Indiana.