Episode 24: Willa Keizer, CPH - A Life of Homeopathy

Willa Keizer, CPH

Director at Caduceus Institute  

Remedy kit: https://www.helios.co.uk/en/shop/basic-36-kit
Book (also one of the textbooks for our Basic Course): https://www.northatlanticbooks.com/shop/the-homeopathic-emergency-guide/  
Basic course: https://homeopathytraining.org/homeopathycourseoverview/basic-program/

Willa first delved into the healing arts in the 1970's when living in Indonesia where she was studying a meditative and healing movement system based on martial arts.  She lived there for eight years. Upon returning to the States, Willa  encountered homeopathy for the first time and recognized that this was the form of healing she resonated with the most. She has been practicing it ever since!

Willa was in the first graduating class of Pacific Academy of Homeopathic Medicine in Berkeley, CA, and became an instructor there for four years, where she learned to teach homeopathy and to design curriculum in the early 90's. She also holds a diploma in advanced homeopathic studies from the Dynamis School directed by Jeremy Sherr. 

Willa taught continuing education classes for health professionals in the Bay Area for many years, and has been a homeopathic consultant since 1992. She founded the Caduceus Institute in Santa Cruz in 1997.