Episode 23: Jen Wiese - Supporting Autistic Children

Jennifer Wiese - CEO BeeFree

Jennifer Wiese was searching for gluten free foods to help her autistic son's overall wellbeing and quickly found that gluten free and tasty don't often go together so she got busy in the kitchen with her mom. Now 12 years later she's laser focused on bringing delicious snacks full of real ingredients to the world while creating jobs for adults with autism.

BeeFree creates a better for you, snack-able granola called Warrior Mix. It is made with simple, plant-based ingredients, lovingly created by people with autism. BeeFree evolved from my desire to bake tasty gluten and dairy-free treats for our son. Warrior Mix is honey-sweetened and plant-base and free from (gluten, grain, added sugar, preservatives, dairy, soy), and a convenient snack. We believe real ingredients matter and creating food that fuels the body and mind while providing jobs for people with autism is just the right thing to do.

"My start down the culinary trail was not my original plan. I graduated with a degree in fashion marketing but when my son was diagnosed with autism, I found a gluten free diet, and then went on the hunt for gf food our whole family actually liked the taste of. This journey brought me to food creation and finding a love for feeding my family and community clean, real food and creating jobs for other adults with autism along the way."

Partnership with Fueled For School BeeFree was founded out of need for my son to eat gluten free food that actually tasted good to help his overall wellbeing. Once I was forced to pay attention, I realized most food products being sold were full of preservatives and additives the average consumer had no idea were there. At the same time a close friend, Kristina Trusty, a teacher in the area, founded a nonprofit to directly impact the food insecurity she was seeing in our school district. Now we are committed to donating 2% of our sales each month to her organization. Getting clean, real, tasty snacks in the hands of those that can't afford it will always be a key part of our company's growth.

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