Episode 20: Dr. Larry Marrich, Experiences of the Infinite Self

Join me as I speak with Dr. Larry Marrich, a chiropractor, homeopath and energy worker. Also known as Ra Ananda, Larry has been practicing for 43 years and is a follower of a Spiritual life.

Experiences of the Infinite Self  

I have been providing chiropractic care here in Albuquerque since 1979. For 40 years, I have had the best years of my life being of service to the wonderful people who live here. In my practice of chiropractic medicine I treat all ages of folks from the youngest to the very elderly. I always try to customize my care to the specific needs and situation of the person I am caring for. I take the time, every time I see a patient to really connect with that person and listen. When I see you, the patient, I will hear your concerns, and then explain how I can best treat you and quickly bring relief for your pain and other issues.