Episode 19: Cleansing and Protecting Your Spaces

In this episode we discuss cleansing a space in your home or house using a smug stick, aromatherapy and prayer. First let's talk about using aromatherapy and prayer to cleanse your spaces of negative energy and past failures. To let go and re-center so that your work space or your sleep space or your whole home can be a place of focus, positive thoughts and energetic resources.

I do this for people so reach out to me if this is something you are interested in. We also do this for our home or when we are utilizing new spaces. In my kit, I keep a few key items. Everything is contained on a plate that was a gift from a dear friend of mine. Bringing items that are meaningful or have positive memories can help bring good energy to what you are doing.

Cleaning Kit:

1) Sage smudge stick. In New Mexico, there is a long tradition of Native Americans using sage to cleanse holy spaces or to ward off bad spirits.

2) Charcoal incense burner, which includes a ceramic bowl and a dish or tray.

3) Frankincense and Myrrh date back before the Wise Men to the Ancient Egyptians and has been used in temples for its intense fragrance and clarifying power.

4) Lavender oil from Santa Fe Lavender.

5) Holy Water

6) Holy Dirt from Chimayo.

7) Paper to list meaningful words you would like the space to represent. 


I like to write a prayer specifically to the room or house that we are cleansing.

  1. Ignite Frankincense and Myrrh; add drop of Lavender oil (this will produce a lot of smoke) and ignite sage.
  2. Say your words and then your prayer as you waft smoke around the room. (Don't rush. You probably don't want rushing energy in your living spaces.)
  3. Give thanks to God and move on to the next room.