Episode 18: Sneha Raichada - Ayurveda in Daily Life

In our episode today, we go over the basic components and uses for Ayurveda with Sneha. This episode is a continuation from episode #7 where we talk about creating the most effective team of health professionals for you. If you haven’t listened to this episode make sure to go check it out here (link). 

Sneha Raichada

Sneha currently serves as the Dean of Education at the Ayurvedic Institute. She started in the healing arts by completing her Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy. A graduate of The Ayurvedic Institute’s Ayurvedic Studies Program Levels 1 and 2 as an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant and Ayurvedic Practitioner, she then furthered her Ayurvedic Studies with six months of study in India. She gained her Ayuryoga® Yoga Teacher Certification and began teaching yoga and providing Ayurvedic consultations within her private business in Texas. She also holds a Reiki III Certification. Sneha shares her enthusiasm and inspiration about Āyurveda in the classroom and the clinic with the students as an instructor and clinic supervisor, as well as in the Pañcakarma Department with clients. She continues to practice through integration of Physical Therapy, Yoga, and Āyurveda in the clinic as a Senior Practitioner and in her private practice.

Ayurveda can be made simple or complicated enough for it to benefit absolutely anybody, and in our episode we cover what Ayurveda is and how it can be used for you in your everyday life to help eliminate pain, stress, and negative build up in your life. Some of the topics that we covered in our episode today consist of

  • 5:30 What Ayurveda is and basic elements that it uses 
  • 12:13 What a typical appointment would look like and addressing people’s fears around trying Ayurveda 
  • 18:12 What would typically happen after an appointment and what it does for you 
  • 23:10 An example of a daily routine recommended by Sneha
  • 26:43 Defining and giving a deeper insight into Panchakarma 
  • 37:42 Three simple Ayurvedic steps that you can use in your everyday life
  • 42:20 Ayurvedic recommendations for apple cider vinegar and how it helps the body 
  • 46:15 Sneha’s thoughts on where we find God in our bodies


Today’s episode about Ayurvedic medicine, hopefully brings a better understanding for this effective medicine and also advocating for your body! Thank you for listening and if you aren’t already, make sure to follow the podcast so you can keep up with all my new shows when they are published.