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Quick Hand Massage

Dec 22, 2022

Hand Love

Do you abuse your hands and fingers? Or, a better question might be:  do you take care of your hands after a long day, week, month of using them to do most everything?

Here is a video to help you massage someone's hands which can create stress relief and relaxation not only for their hands but also for their entire body.

This is a gift you could offer OR ask for, with a video to help. :)

Start with warm hands, then use a little bit of lotion or oil, and use both of your hands to work on their one hand.  

Use a warm towel to heat up their hands if they are cold.  

Use gentle pressure and start just above the wrist to rub on the oil/lotion. 

  • Rub lotion on, from wrist to fingers
  • Pull down with your Right hand while holding steady with your left, switch & repeat
  • Move from outer hand to inner hand
  • "Milk" each finger & thumb
  • Hold any joint that is tender, wait for heat & the more it hurts, the less pressure you use
  • Turn the hand palm up, rub the palm and the thumb pad
  • Press with your thumbs from the wrist side of the palm toward the fingers for each finger
  • To finish, flip over the hand and pull and push like at the beginning, slowly. 

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