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Video - Openness with Boundaries

Sep 15, 2022

Ruth's Coaching Corner: 

This week we continue our conversation about openness with boundaries. Focusing this week on being open, I remind you to open up your chest, breath deep and let your organs have room. We don't even realize that much of our daily activity may be causing soreness. A simple example is sweeping. If you only sweep with one side of your body and don't balance using the other side, you may end up sore on the one side. The same can be for a swimmer or a tennis player who are repeating the same motion that they favor on one side.

Think about how to be open to the good things in life and how to protect yourself from the things that come at you. Healing and love coming in. Healing and love going out. Everything else gets transmuted into pure light. I hope you enjoy the video.

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