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Video - Releasing Grief and Stress from the Chest

Sep 21, 2022

Ruth's Coaching Corner: 

This week we continue our conversation about openness with boundaries. Focusing this week on grief and stress. We get "weird pains" in our chest and shoulder blades. Or you might discover that you have pain points in your chest. Normally, as you massage around the breast plate, you won't experience tenderness or pain. However, if you are holding onto grief or stress or worry, you may be carrying this in your chest and massage may be tender there. So, gently massage where the breast plate meets each rib. If you are sore, you will feel it. Give a gentle circular rub and focus on letting go of what you are holding there. Massage and breathe it out. I always talk about cat and cow, but by far this is the best stretch to open up your ribcage and lungs and move those points that get tender with the worry you are carrying.

For me, right now it is the sadness that comes from losing my dog while sending my daughter back to school. School is stressful for parents and kids alike. We are always thinking over all the pros and cons of what our kids are doing without trying to stifle their own ambitions and aspirations. We want them to have good boundaries and make good decisions while we remain open to the needs and wants. I hope you enjoy the video.

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