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Video: Balance In Your Life

balance home life sleep Nov 02, 2022

Hello and happy November. It's my favorite month. This is our anniversary month for John and I, and we've been married 22 years on November 4th. So this month I wanna talk about balance. Balance between work and home life in the home between spouse and children, between children, between your mom and. Do we have a balanced time with each person that we really love?

Do we have balanced time between things that we love to do and things that we have to do in our body? Do we have balance between enough sleep, enough exercise, enough good food, all the enough? Do we have enough safety? Do we have enough creativity? Do we have enough friendship? Do we have enough?

There's a lot of enoughs. So what is the balance inside our body? And then my favorite one to talk about that I've been working with for decades is the body mind connection, body mind, balance, and with the spirit, body, mind, spirit, connection, and balance. So we're going through a lot this month and I just want to reiterate how important balance is.

I just wanna give some quick things you can do for your body to help you with balance. So one of the muscles on, if this is your toe, the muscle right there on the front of the shin, your tibialis anterior is one of the first muscles to go as we age. So if you bring your toes to your nose like this, maybe 20 to a hundred times a day.

Let's say you're on a plane or you're driving and you're the passenger, or you were sitting watching. Bringing your toes to your nose about a hundred times a day will really help that muscle on your shin. Stay strong. That's one will really help your balance through the rest of your life. So try to keep that in mind.

You can, So that's door of flexion. You can also do plantar affection, flexion, where you go up on your toes like that. And when you do. That's also very good for your calf muscles, very good for balance. And you could go up on both toes and then when you get good at that, go on one toe and then the other toe one at a time.

And if you get really good at it, you can jump and try to balance on one foot. Those are simple ways to use balance. Also, try it with your eyes closed. Okay, also, You can balance in your body by noticing where you are tight in pain. Feel numbness, feel tingling, feel more heat or more cold. Many of you know that I have neck injuries, so I try to hold my neck really warm all the time.

If you have cold hands, try to keep them. So get maybe a one of those baths of, what's it called, a paraffin bath. I have one of those at my house and I really like that, especially through the winter to keep my hands warm. Very important if you have soreness. So those are a few things that I'm going to actually film so that you can see us doing those.

And remember that balance is important. Breath always helps. Hydration, always helps. Sleep is very, And always spread love and kindness with one smile at a time. I will see you next week.

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