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Video: Balance Between Opposites

Nov 09, 2022

From the Coach's Desk

Hi guys. So last week we talked about balance in general in life and how there's a lot of balance in our life. So there's balance between how we spend time at work and home, how we spend time at home. Like do you spend enough time with your mom and your dad or with both children, with your spouse and your children with your. And we often, I mean, I don't know anybody who's, completely balanced, but we are all working towards that. And the body is too, The body wants to be in a balanced state. So if you are feeling imbalanced, but you don't really know why, there's several things you can try to do, try to feel, you can feel it with your hand, but really just scan your body.

I call it like an audit. I audit my. I try to see where I am tight. For me, I have a lot of neck issues. If you know my past, I have a lot of soccer injuries. I've fallen off horses, car accidents, I've fallen. When I was horseback riding, I already said that, but falling from while I was rock climbing and my neck has gotten really just beaten up, and so it's pretty sore all the time, and so I have to keep it covered.

That's often why I'm wearing like turtlenecks or things above around my. So one thing is if you're finding a place that's constantly cold and feeling achy, try to keep it warm. That's one thing you can do. Just try to keep it warm. And another thing you can do is try to see what your range of motion is.

I work on my range of motion every day with my neck. If I don't, it becomes very imbalanced. It can't actually do the range of motion that I wanted to do, and then I start doing, To look behind me, right? So you're driving and you go like this instead of being able to turn your head, or if you can't get your shoulder up, you start doing these weird, you know, things with your entire body to get your shoulder up.

What is the range of motion with each of your areas? Wrists, elbows. All. All joints in your body. Try to see. That's one way to see if you're unaware of where you're imbalanced or where you're holding pain or emotion in your body. One thing to do is just to check all areas, because we just start assuming and we're like, Oh yeah, my shoulder doesn't move, you know?

No problem. And we stopped thinking about it in a manner of. Unbalanced or not flexible, it just is, and this is what I'm trying to get you to remember and to understand. Listen to your body. I am trying to be the advocate for your body. If you can be your own advocate for your body, that's number one. We wanna listen.

That's what I find most in my massage practice, is that people aren't listening to what their body is selling and right in front of them, very obvious. But we've been taught for years and decades to ignore our gut instinct that we talk about in the newsletter this week and this month. You guys have a great week, and I'll see you next time.

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