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Video: Back pain and place

Oct 13, 2022

From the Coach's Desk

Hey guys, so our kindest challenge this week is to bring someone's paper up, Sunday paper especially, and in Albuquerque, the Albuquerque Journal is giving Sunday papers away. So this is a perfect time to do the kindest challenge. Also, we were talking about being grounded and how that affects the body.

So there's a lot of ways you can. Displaced and where you lose a sense of belonging. One of those is anytime you move, let's say you move to college or your child moves away, that can, both of those situations can affect your body in the same place. It can affect it usually in the low back and like where the sacrum is.

So, The stability of the pelvis, it can actually move and they'll be, they'll be pain, right? Right behind, like right above where your belt line is, kind of that area. It can cause harder periods, it can cause it to be harder to sleep. There's a lot of ways that not being grounded can affect your body with pain.

So not only in the back, but in the front also. If you're a mom or someone who's lost somebody to college , and you're you, this can hurt up here too.

Like, feeling heartache a little bit. So those go together, the heartache and the low back pain. So these two areas can work together where they can support one another or make the other one worse.

So let's look at the other direction. If you move change jobs, go through a divorce. Something big happens in your life. There's a big change and there's the foundation of your life. Kind of gets shifted. Just a second, just for a little bit. Your body can react to that and so let's say you go through a change, like a shift of, of foundational shift in your life and you have low back.

Sometimes you don't see the foundational change. All you recognize is, gosh, you know, my back's been hurting. Oh, you know, my, I'm just feeling this chest pain. Or like, you know, Ooh, like that, that pain. If you feel the pain first, you can then look at the other side of this, Huh? My back hurts. Have I had any big shifts in my life?

And you can try to match. The thought of the change in your life with the pain that you're feeling, and you can try to get those two to be a team together and try to get the pain to relax because you recognize that, you know what, I'm actually okay. My foundation hasn't shifted that much. I'm going to work on feeling grounded and feeling like I belong, feeling like I have a place in this world.

Those prayers will help your body solidify its foundation again, and that that pain can go away. Once you recognize that you've done that just once, like so low back pain is a really easy one. Another one is headaches. We can talk about that another time, but to this, these months, talking about grounding, once you are able to get your back pain to go away.

It's like, Oh my gosh. Look, look what I did. I, I, I understand my body a little bit better, and this is what I really want to teach you. That there is a connection that you're really in charge of, and you can have a lot of power and love over your body that creates calm. Lack of pain, passion. It shows you your purpose.

It's easier to sleep, it's easier to communicate all those things, and many more come from having this teamwork, from this understanding between your body and your mind instead of strife where one ignores the other and then they start to feel like they have to protect themselves from the other. The body protects itself from the mind and its.

The mind protects itself from the body and gets mad at the body for not getting better. So this is one of my most passionate things to talk about. So to recap, if you have back pain, see if there's anything in your life that has pulled the rug out from under you. Changing jobs moving. A child moving out of your house to go to school.

If you are a college student, going to college in for college students, moving back from house to house, house and then college dorm and into a different college dorm. Have you changed jobs as an adult? Have you gone to a different school as a child? Have you gone to a different school as a teacher? Any of these big changes if you've lost a pet in your life or if you've lost a loved one in your life, Those are all huge change.

Recognize if you've had some type of shift and back pain, when you put those together, sometimes you can get the back pain to calm the back pain to calm down. Okay, you guys have a lovely week and I'll see you next Thursday. Bye.

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