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Video: Grounding, Breathing and Prayer

Oct 19, 2022

Hey guys. Hey. I wanted to talk about some ways to ground yourself with different exercises. One of them would be just breathing, and we talk about breathing a lot in our society, but we don't do it well in America. And you can just start with something very simple like breathing in through your nose. And just do it as, as long as you can.

So, and then hold,...

and then let go when you can. You try to do that longer and longer. Okay? So you try to breathe in. Maybe you can do two seconds now, try to get it up to two and a half to three seconds for et cetera, and then you start to hold it longer and longer and longer. Try not to pass out. Don't do this while you're driving.

So you go,...

I can hold it longer cause I've been practicing, but I don't wanna do it in this video. So you hold it up, you hold your breath, and then let it go through your nose and then force it out. Give it a second and breathe in again. That simple round. Right there. And you know, when you, when you force the breath out, it's like an inner ab workout.

It's really good. And a lot of people that I work on their, the capacity for their lungs to breathe out is not as strong as it should be. Even athletes, even people who feel like they have really strong lungs. And so now working with some people who have cancer right now, um, realizing. They really need to work on that in the stages of feeling healthy and feeling strong.

Work on it in those days for us, anybody who's healthy, try to work on your exhalation and try to get that muscle to your diaphragm and other muscles, your intercostals, these muscles in between your ribcage and other muscles that have to do with exhalation. Get them stronger. talking about grounding. So breathing is definitely the easiest one you can do because you can do it. You don't need any, You can do it while you're driving, except don't hold your breath and pass out.

Um, you can do it while you're traveling. You can do it while you're waiting for somebody. There's all types of ways and places that you can breathe easily. The idea of grounding into your prayers, this is another one. What I do is I breathe the Holy Spirit as a light, so I see the Holy Spirit as a blue or a white light.

And so when I breathe in intentionally and I am intentionally trying to ground my body and ground my spirit, if I'm really shaky, if I'm sad, if I'm, um, feeling anxious, feeling doubtful, those types of words that aren't really powerful. I try to ground my body and a lot of times if I have time to visualize, I see the Holy Spirit.

I pray for help, and I see the Holy Spirit coming into my body and going in a circular motion clockwise from my head down all the way into the center of the earth, and I see a bungee cord that's holding me so I can jump around, but it keeps me grounded if you can see that visual. So I see again, visual.

This light of the Holy Spirit coming in to help me and grounding my body all the way to the center of the earth. That's one way I do it. Another way is to have it, see that light come in like this around your spine, and then it grows and grows and grows. And if there's an area that feels like it needs more attention, for me, a lot of times it's my neck or my hands from doing so much massage.

I see that light do that. Around my body on both hands. It's circular that way. And then on, um, for my neck, I see it, um, like pulsating and giving a lot of healing support right here. And when you see that light going around, I see it just getting like a wider. And if I'm feeling like I've been having a lot of leaky energy, you know what I'm talking about, like leaking, like I'm just can't stay focused, can't stay hydrated, can't stay, um, energetic.

I try to see that protecting that energy from leaving and, and keeping me protected all around. And then I see that light go further out around my husband or around my kids or on my. If I'm in my office, I see it in my office around my client, and then keep going further and further out. So that is a great way to protect you and ground you at the same time.

I think a lot of times when you don't feel grounded, you also don't feel protected. So I often put those two together.

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