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Video 5/26 - Summer Fun and Recreation

May 25, 2022

Ruth's Coaching Corner: 

Memorial Day Reminder for Recreation! One of the best ways to reduce stress and get exercise is to do something different from your routine. This week we talk about summer activities that are fun and recreational to help break up the routine, inspire new ideas and energize our workouts. I also want to share my Summer Camp calendar that I mentioned, CLICK HERE

Hiking, Walking, Tennis or a Trip to the Bio Park - Recreation is good for your physical and mental health. I am so absolutely fortunate to live in Albuquerque, where 305 days of the year, I can enjoy the outdoors and the other 60 days present opportunities like skiing or sledding.

Recreation is a time for us to re-create ourselves. To do something different than our everyday routine. It's a time for us to explore who we are outside our work or our sport. Recreation, PLAY, is vital to childhood development and adult mental health.

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