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Video 4/21 - A Cup of Tea and a Clear Mind

Apr 20, 2022

Ruth's Coaching Corner: 

Sit Down and Have A Cup of Tea with Me. In this video, I go through the ritual of making tea and sharing it with you. We are talking about stress this month. And, even the act of putting the water on to boil has a relaxing effect as we prepare for the fragrance and warmth that comes from having a nice cup of tea and sharing it with a friend or loved one. 

I also want to invite you to de-clutter your mind. Allow yourself to forgive and let go of the things in the back of your mind. A mis-understanding with your sister, a confrontation with a co-worker. Even if you can't resolve it directly with them, you can do it for yourself and make room for more important things to be on your mind.

Part of stewardship is giving back to our community. I am currently creating awareness for New Mexico Dream Center. Their important work focuses on homeless youth and preventing human trafficking. 

"You can make a difference in the lives of human trafficking survivors and youth experiencing homelessness in Albuquerque by giving financial support through a one-time gift or monthly pledge. Making a financial contribution online is the fastest, easiest and safest way to help continue our mission of impacting and restoring lives." https://www.nmdreamcenter.org/

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