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How to Enjoy My Podcast

May 24, 2022

Hello everyone,

I wanted to take a moment to help you understand how a Podcast works and then give you the steps to make sure you know when I have a new episode coming out. First, the basics. My podcast is an audio program called "Your Body Advocate with Ruth Cummings". This is different from my Newsletter, where I produce a weekly video and different topics. JOIN NEWSLETTER



1) You may visit my Podcast Page, scroll down. Pick an episode and hit the play button from any internet browser: https://www.ruthcummings.com/podcasts/your-body-advocate If you click on "View Episode", you can access show notes and listen to the episode from the page.

 2) At the top of my Podcast page is a series of icons.
If you are an Apple user, click on the purple Podcast icon from your iPhone or Macbook.

Apple, Google/Android, Spotify, RSS Feed

3) Google - Click the rainbow icon for Android and Chromebooks

4) Spotify - Click the green icon if you subscribe to Spotify.

5) RSS Feed - If you prefer to add us to your RSS Feed, click the RSS icon.

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