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Video 4/14 - Top 5 Instant De-stressers

Apr 13, 2022

Ruth's Coaching Corner: 

Breathe in the air of renewal. In this video, I discuss my top 5 De-stressing activities. 

  • Breathe - This is always my go to but if you are overwhelmed take a moment to take some deep breathes.
  • Cat and Cow - While you are breathing throw in a quick Cat and Cow Stretch. Great for athletes who use their upper body and shoulders.
  • Hugs - Pets, family, friends. When you are feeling stressed find someone you care about and give them a hug.
  • Taking Walks - This kind of walk is for relaxation. Save the fast walk for exercise. Take a calm, deep breathing, watch the daffodils blooming kind of walk.
  • 3 Things You Are Grateful For - When wound up, stop for a minute and reflect on three things you are thankful for and it can change your mindset.

We are in control and when we feel out of control it can be overwhelming. Take a moment to do one or two of these things and see if you don't find yourself able to change your mood.

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