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Listen To Your Body,

Change Your Life!

Are you like thousands of people who suffer from anxiety, lack of focus, chronic pain or general angst?

Do you want to feel better, happier, stronger? Do you want to be able to follow your REAL PASSION, yet you feel stuck?

Does it seem like your body is working against you?

I'm Ruth, a Body-Mind-Life Coach, and I help people become aware of and strengthen their mind-body connection and achieve extraordinary life goals! 

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Imagine Your Body & Mind: Happy & Peaceful


Do you listen to your body's cries for help? Or does that sentence sound like a foreign language to you?

It's not your fault!  We are taught to ignore the pain in our body so we can "finish the big project" or "do our best in a game/race".  Life gets in the way of paying attention to our own "body language".

Eventually, our body gets "FULL" of all the garbage we "SWEEP UNDER THE RUG" or "STUFF DEEP INSIDE".

This is where Body-Mind Coaching can help clean up the garbage and let your life flow easily again!  


A combination of honest self-awareness, a willingness to try new ideas, and the courage to face what your body is hiding can open up powerful possibilities for you.



What My Clients Are Saying

Yuan Chen testimonial pic
Yuan Chen

"Ruth helped me clarify what I wanted to create with my life, letting me develop the courage to speak it out & make a stand for it."

Courtenay Testimonial pic
Courtenay L.

"Ruth is motivating & keeps a positive mind, has new perspectives & is non-judgemental, she has taught me how to keep my thinking positive!"

Natasha testimonial pic

"After an emergency knee replacement, I was a hot mess mentally & physically & in pain. Ruth helped me reconnect mentally & physically & I was out of pain! "

Arianna testimonial pic
Arianna L.

"I was missing college tennis games week after week. Ruth offered me many different stretches & other solutions and emotional support. She was the only one who truly cared about my injury & after following her advice I was finally able to play again."

Lissa Testimonial pic
Lissa K.

"Each session was packed with guidance, a new perspective and I have been able to form better habits in my health, social life, career and retirement. I felt supported and challenged. Ruth helped me to find the courage, to embrace change and move forward making choices that benefit me"

Courtney testimonial pic
Courtney A.

"As a former collegiate runner who still competes on the side, I face aches and pains on a weekly basis. Ruth is a listener and healer of the mind.  Her patience, wisdom, & advice always prove incredibly inspirational, causing me to leave each session with joy and excitement for the week ahead. "

More Testimonials

What is Body Mind Life Coaching?  

Body Mind Life Coaching takes Life Coaching to a deeper level by opening a dialog between how you THINK about your life, versus how you FEEL about your life.  These "conversations" can be very different.  Your body & mind can "argue" to the point of causing pain, procrastination, anxiety & much more.  This self sabotage is common & can start VERY early in life WITHOUT US KNOWING.

Let's get your body's "conversation" on the same team with your mind so your body, mind & spirit can move forward together instead of woking against yourself.  When you understand where & Why your body is holding emotion, and why you won't lose weight, relax, feel content, take lists, finish tasks or why you won't let things go, etc, it frees your thinking and you can truly feel calm & joy.

You may need your coaching time to concentrate on your body, or maybe you need more focus on your thoughts.  Each person is very different, and often coaching can start out focused on one area, but deeper layers show themselves, pulling your attention where you were not initially aware was needing support.  

We start your coaching journey in 3 areas:  Body, Mind & Integration.

Learn More About Coaching

Coaching for Your Body

  • Have more energy with better eating, hydration & exercise habits 
  • Get fit & strong: understand how your body might be blocking weight loss, general fitness or health
  • Learn to listen to your body: where stress, grief & trauma are stored & how to release it
  • Less chronic pain: "out of the box" ideas to relieve or lessen your pain
  • Stop using alcohol, smoking or drugs to weaponize your body-mind argument 

Coaching for Your Mind

  • Gain self-confidence in body & mind
  • Reduce stress & anxiety with tools you can use for the rest of your life
  • Understand your ruminating, circular thoughts and learn what to do instead
  • Find strong MOTIVATION to move through your fears and doubts
  • Shift habits of procrastination & being perfect so you can make peace with those tensions in your body
  • Feel more attractive: better relationships, better sex

Coaching for Integration

  • First: noticing the body-mind “argument” & how your muscles will tense with certain thoughts or feelings
  • Why is What emotion held Where in your body & How is it effecting your life? Integrate daily nurturing self-care
  • Start a TRUCE within your own body! Cease Fire! Learn ideas to love your body instead & encourage peace
  • Acknowledge your pain, deeply
  • Learn to ask what you need-from yourself to yourself, then from the world

Is Coaching Right For You?

Yes! Is my short answer.  But, honestly, whether you will do well with a Life Coach depends on a few things.  Here are a few of those:

  • Are you willing to be coached? (Are you "Coachable")
  • Are you under a doctor's care for depression, suicidal thoughts or severe anger?
  • Are you willing to work hard and go outside of your comfort zone?
  • Can you be open-minded about "out of the box ideas" about yourself? Or do you get offended?
  • Are you willing to be responsible for your own life?
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